Housing and Other Developments

Affordable Housing

Kirkintillochís Initiative has set aside funding and land to help develop affordable housing projects. The Initiative is working with East Dunbartonshire Councilís Housing Services, housing associations and Communities Scotland to achieve a balanced provision of new housing in the area.

The project champion and community representatives for this project are Allan Moyes, Mike Devlin and Stephen McIntyre.

Mixed Development at Woodilee Rd (known as McGavigan’s Field)

With the construction of the Kirkintilloch Link Road the corridor of land from the Woodilee Hospital site northwards to the Back OíLoch area will become much more accessible. As a result KI is proposing that land in this area be developed for a range of uses, which will provide housing, jobs and services for local people.

Close to the Link Road development of this project will:

The project champion for this project is Brian Rourke.

Residential Development at Luggiebank Road

As a result of the provision of new facilities Council property in Luggiebank Road will become surplus to operational requirements. A number of development options for this property are being considered with a view to maximising their contribution to the overall objectives of the Initiative. There are a number of possible future uses including development for Affordable Housing.

The project champion and community representative for this project are Allan Moyes and Robert Muir .

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