phase 3

The story so far… Phase 3

East Dunbartonshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow came together in 2001 to form Kirkintilloch’s Initiative. The aim of this partnership was to put together a regeneration package to revitalise the town and boost the local economy. This was developed in full consultation with the local community who played a vital role in shaping the development of the plans at each stage of the project.

An original masterplan of 14 projects was brought forward and consulted on. A major six-week public consultation exercise was carried out with every household in the area receiving a questionnaire. While the initial results of this exercise showed widespread public support there were concerns about the proposed supermarket development at Woodhead Park. In December 2003 Scottish Executive Reporters determined that the supermarket development should not go ahead.

Following this Kirkintilloch’s Initiative carried out extensive consultations with community organisations. As a result of this a new set of proposals have been developed with increased funding.

As a direct result of consultation with local people a number of proposals for Kirkintilloch’s Initiative were changed from the original masterplan. This includes:

Kirkintilloch’s Initiative will now deliver a £56 million regeneration package consisting of 13 individual projects. It will bring an estimated 1000 jobs and 100 new businesses to the area.

Detailed design work on the first of these projects, the leisure centre, has already started. Other projects, identified by the community as early priorities are the Arts and Culture Centre, the Link Road and the Town Centre Access Strategy. These projects are moving through the planning process and will feature in public exhibitions throughout 2005.

All work is scheduled to be complete by 2010.

The community has played a vital role in shaping Kirkintilloch’s Initiative, working with the project teams to make sure that designs meet local needs. Your feedback continues to be important to us. If you have any questions you can contact us or speak with a project champion or community representative.