This part of the website will be used to display pictures of the projects in progress. Check back soon to see how Kirkintilloch’s Initiative is coming on. Or click on the images below to see some drawings of what the projects are expected to look like.

Leisure Centre

Progress on construction work for the leisure centre

Leisure centre site visit

Kirkintilloch Integrated Care Centre

Kirkintilloch Integrated Care Centre, Saramago Street.pdf

Leisure Centre Designs Unveiled

Read more about designs for Kirkintilloch’s state of the art leisure centre.

Leisure Centre 3D Front Elevation (South West) Side Elevation to 5-a-side pitches Rear Elevation (North East) Side Elevation to car park Barr Ltd on site

Arts & Culture Centre: digital impressions

east elevation south elevation

Arts & Culture Centre: architect's drawings

Site plan [PDF]
Ground floor plan [PDF]
First floor plan [PDF]
Second floor plan [PDF]
Cross section [PDF]
Long section [PDF]

Leisure Centre

Sod cutting at Leisure Centre - January 2006

Engineering works begin on site - January 2005

Old Eagle Inn

Artist's Digital Impression of the Old Eagle Inn once complete from the canal

Artist's Digital Impression of the Entrance of the Old Eagle Inn once complete

Artist's sketch of the Mooring facility for canal traffic