director's diary

Director's Diary


Hello and welcome to the Kirkintillochís Initiative (KI) diary.

Iím Duncan Hamilton, Project Director of KI. Each week I will be using these pages to tell you about the latest developments and the things we are doing to keep KI moving.

I was recently appointed as full time Project Director of KI. Sandra Adams, Project Organiser, and Colin Smith, Project Manager, join me. Together we make up the team that will make sure KI is delivered over the next 5 years and that each project stays on track.

Our appointments are a reflection of how committed KI is to delivering a regeneration package that will be of real benefit for the people of the town. We want to make sure that the community continue to stay involved in influencing the direction of KI. To do so, meaningful communication and publicity is extremely important.

It is for this reason that we have developed this diary. We are involved in a whole range of discussions and activities on a daily basis but very few people know about them. If we are to make sure that you can influence our direction then you need to know whatís going on. So here goes…

Duncan Hamilton

Duncan Hamilton
Project Director - Kirkintilloch's Initiative

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