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Kirkintilloch’s Initiative is a partnership between East Dunbartonshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow. Set up to fund and develop a regeneration programme, it offers new opportunities for the people of Kirkintilloch including a better quality of life and stronger economy.

Kirkintilloch’s Initiative is made up of a number of individual projects shown on the map below. The local community helped to shape these projects. The KI partnership board has approved the projects and they are now being implemented.

plan of Kirkintilloch

Use your mouse to take a tour of Kirkintilloch’s Initiative. Just click on a number on the map to find out more details about each of the projects. Or you can click directly on the project name below.

  1. The Arts & Culture Centre
  2. The Countryside Access Network
  3. The Health & Social Care Centre
  4. The Leisure Centre
  5. The Link Road
  6. Mixed Development at Woodilee Road (known as McGavigan’s Field)
  7. The Old Eagle Inn
  8. Residential Development at Luggiebank Road
  9. Southbank
  10. Affordable Housing
  11. Town Centre Regeneration Strategy
  12. Training and Access to Jobs Programme
  13. Woodilee Housing Development

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